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Eric Shea is a record producer and recording/mixing engineer located in Vancouver, BC with over a decade of experience. With an obsession for the craft and a keen ear for what makes a song great, he has zeroed in on how to bring out the heartbeat in any piece of music. He has worked on hundreds, if not thousands of songs, in just about every genre.

Originally from Toronto, Eric graduated from Recording Arts Canada in 2014 and was hired by the school as a teaching assistant shortly after. He quickly became a familiar face in the music scene and worked on many projects that received praise by local media outlets such as NOW! Magazine, Exclaim Magazine, CBC & Indie88. 

He is someone who is constantly learning and researching to stay on top of modern technology but also prides himself on his knowledge and ability to use the practises of record making that have been around since the beginning. Whether you want to make a record with nothing more than a computer or head back to the days of old with a console and a tape machine, he’s got you covered.


"Sometimes I think we get too caught up in how things sound and forget about how they feel"


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"Eric is the first person I turn to whether I need a mix, production, or advice on one of my demos. But on top of that, his exceptional ear for producing is matched only by his ability to motivate you in the studio"

- Simon OuthitSinger/Songwriter


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